15 Awesome Neighborhoods With Large NYC Apartments. #6 Surprised Us!

15 Awesome Neighborhoods With Large NYC Apartments. #6 Surprised Us!

15 Awesome Neighborhoods With Large NYC Apartments. #6 Surprised Us!While finding a generously-sized apartment in The Big Apple can seem as daunting as finding a parking spot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there are some neighborhoods that harbor that coveted, elusive beast – the large NYC apartment. It’s a growing market in New York, and if you look hard enough, you’ll find some hidden treasures flying under the radar.

  1. Riverdale: The Bronx houses this tree-filled little community, which is a great location for NYC families in need of space. Three bedrooms or more come at a starting rent of about $3700.
  2. Sunnyside: Possibly one of the best little-known gems in NYC, Sunnyside in Queens has an insanely low crime rate and equally insane rent prices. Your brood could stretch out among four bedrooms for around $4500.
  3. Astoria: This diverse little Queens borough boasts an average apartment square footage of 1000 sq. ft., with rent prices between $1200 and $3000+. Bonus – easy access to M, N, Q, and R trains, making the midtown commute just 15 minutes.
  4. Forest Hills: Who would have thought you could find spacious, luxury living right in Queens? The neighborhood’s 3-4 bedrooms, at 1400-1600 sq. ft., come at a price tag of $3500-$5000 in rent.
  5. Ditmas Park: Known for its Victorian charm, this Brooklyn gem offers 3-4 bedrooms (between 1100 and 2200 sq. ft.) for rent from $2800-$4100. Patience is key to wait for an open unit here, but it’s worth it.
  6. Windsor Terrace: Located in Brooklyn, and boasting some of the best schools in the area, this neighborhood has some of the largest NYC apartments in the area, at 3-4 bedrooms, coming in at around $3800 for 1700 sq. ft.
  7. Brooklyn Heights: This classic family-friendly, brownstone-laden borough offers convenient subway access and three-bedroom apartments that go for around $6000.
  8. Park Slope: Another traditional family neighborhood in Brooklyn, Park Slope is teeming with parents as well as singles. It is on the higher end of large apartment rental prices in New York, coming in at a hefty $8000 average rent rate for 3000 sq. ft.
  9. Prospect Heights: Brooklyn boasts a surprising number of large NYC apartments, and this neighborhood near Park Slope offers the kids’ activities and the nightlife of Prospect Park for the parents. A three bedrooms apartment goes for around $3500 to rent.
  10. Bushwick: Home to spacious converted old brewery and factory lofts, this Brooklyn borough is a real hidden gem. Large, three-bedroom apartments in NYC for under $3000? Score!
  11. West Village: If money is no object, Manhattan’s upper scale West Village may be for you. A 2300-3800 sq. ft. apartment may set you back between $14k and $29k in rent.
  12. Hell’s Kitchen: For luxury NYC living close to Central Park and Lincoln Center, Hell’s Kitchen’s $5000-$10,000 3-bedroom, full-service rentals are a real find.
  13. Upper West Side: A 1700-3200 sq. ft. apartment seems like a mansion in Manhattan, and the large NYC apartments here – touting 3-4 bedrooms – can be had for a mere $9k-$19k.
  14. Upper East Side: As expected, NYC’s Upper East Side offers large apartments with upper prices. 3200 sq. ft. may take $24k from your wallet each month, but the convenience and reputable location are worth it, if you’ve got the cash.
  15. Roosevelt Island: Nestled between Manhattan and Queens, this tightly knit waterfront community can be a source of 3-bedroom gems for about $5000 in rent.

Whether you need a short commute or are in search of a slightly more family-friendly suburban feel, patience and a little apartment-hunting savvy will go a long way in finding the spacious unit of your dreams.