20 Modern & Stylish Indoor Holiday Decorating Ideas


20 ModernandStylishHolidauWhen it comes to holiday decorating, there are more options than ever. And thanks to the wonders of the Internet, your biggest problem will be choosing from among the hundreds of enticing and festive decorating ideas.

Care for a contemporary flair to your holiday theme? No problem – here are 20 ultra-modern and style-savvy indoor decorating ideas to make your holidays even brighter.

1. Make a statement with this wire frame wreath. The big, vintage style lights wrapped all around give the wreath that festive holiday glow. Or, mix it up with a string of attention-drawing guitar lights from Kurt Adler.

2. Go non-traditional with the tree, like this white beauty decked out – one color per section – in all the colors of the rainbow. Who says Christmas has to be all about red and green?

3. Check out these smaller, totally awesome decorative trees. The secret? Wrapping craft wire around foam cones. The beauty of these modernized trees is that you could do a bunch of different sizes in different colors of wire for a fascinating tablescape that will capture the imagination of your Christmas dinner guests.

4. This mesmerizing book page wreath uses upcycled, discarded books to make something with a very new-age flair. Recycling is always good decorating etiquette. For that extra holiday sparkle, paint with spray glitter.

5. Marshmallows – that oh-so-versatile decorating material. String them on clear nylon filament for the magical look of an indoor blizzard. This is a great project to do with the kiddos, as long as you can keep the decorations out of their tummies!

6. Need a space-saving tree? Use washi tape to create a colorful outline on your wall, and enjoy the spirit of the holidays without giving up precious real estate.

7. Reinvent the nutcracker – like the concept but not so big on the bright, garish colors of these store-bought wooden men? A can of spray paint is all you need to transform your nutcrackers into a contemporary, minimalist army of holiday decorations. Use white, silver, or a combination of tasteful hues to get these little guys dressed for the season.

8. Here’s another non-traditional color palette with a distinct yet modernized 1960s art deco feel. Neon purple, pink, green, and blue make the shiny ball wreath pop and the clean lines of the small tree allow the colorful ornaments to steal the show.

9. This tree made of branches is the perfect blend of rustic and contemporary. Drill holes into branches of graduated sizes and arrange them by size on a dowel. Gathering the materials is a good opportunity to get the kids outside and get some exercise in the chilly air.

10. This curl branch arrangement turns Christmas décor into rich-looking art. Spray some of the interesting twigs silver, stick in a white or silver vase, and decorate with shiny white balls. Fancy!

11. Make a few of these twig centerpieces for your modern holiday tablescape. It’s just simple twigs stuck into a clear cube vase with a flameless candle and a few Christmas balls added. For an even cleaner look spray paint the twigs white or frosted.

12. Let’s not forget Hanukkah – this minimalist, contemporary Menorah is made up of glass votives (with a slightly taller one for the shamash candle) filled two-thirds of the way with glass floral or aquarium stones. Add a white (or any color) taper and enjoy!

13. For the ultimate in space-saving and cutting-edge contemporary tree alternatives, try out this nail and string tree. Simple and modern – though you’ll probably want to stow the cat away in a closed room first.

14. Bring your Hanukkah table up-to-date with these gorgeous simple and contemporary designs, like the pewter chargers with blue napkins tied in gray velvet ribbon. Or try the hurricane lamps wrapped in paper, punched with star designs.

15. There’s no doubt about it – white is in. This simple branch adorned with strings of cut paper snowflakes will delight the adults and little ones alike. Print out designs from the Internet and let the kids (the ones who are old enough to use scissors, anyway!) get involved.

16. Even your sofa can join in the holiday fun with simple white throw pillows embellished with glitter spray paint and stencils.

17. Create clean, minimalist holiday art pieces by either printing out some of the many available free ones online, or designing your own through a service like Shutterfly. The possibilities for these are literally only limited by your imagination!

18. These adorable painted wooden trees are the perfect DIY contemporary holiday decorating project. Play around with color schemes or do a set to match your dishware and incorporate them into your modern tablescape.

19. Nothing beats the simplicity of bare trees with white lights. And for eco-conscious folks, potted live trees are the perfect alternative to an artificial or cut tree. Add an array of shiny or glittery white ornaments for a busier look.

20. These tall glass cylinders full of gold and silver balls and spray-painted pinecones go perfectly not only on your mantelpiece but on your holiday dinner table as well. Use different color themes like blue and silver, or green and gold for a brighter twist.

These ideas should get you started on your strikingly modern holiday home décor. From there, use your imagination – the options are endless!