4 Simple Tips to Organize Your Condo Entryway

4 Simple Tips to Organize Your Condo Entryway

When you walk in the door of your condo after a long day at work, you probably just want to throw your coat on the ground, kick your shoes off, and flop on the couch, right? Of course, if you do this every time you come home, you’re quickly going to have a floor full of clothes, and you’ll be tripping over your shoes every time you turn around. So what can you do to make your entryway more inviting and more practical so that you can stay organized and still shed the workday as soon as you walk in the door? Try out a few of these great tips.

Add a Cubby or Tray for Shoes

First, don’t try to resist the urge to get unshod. Instead, embrace it with a place for your shoes. Grab a small set of cubbies for walking shoes, pumps, and work shoes, and put out a shoe tray for boots that won’t fit so well in cubbies. You can even go the extra mile for yourself and your guests by adding a basket of house slippers so that everyone has warm feet and your floors stay clean at the same time!

Put Out a Key Dish

If you’re like a lot of us, you probably lose untold amounts of time every week trying to find your keys. Did you leave them by the bed? Are they in your pants pocket? Are they in your purse? What about your briefcase? Did you leave them on the kitchen table?

Instead of worrying where you left your keys and panicking when you can’t find them, and you’re late for work, put a key dish by the door. If your shoe cubby is tall enough, you can use the top of it as a side table, or you can slip it underneath a slightly larger table for a compact place to put your shoes, keys, mail, and anything you need to stage right by the door for the next day.

Customize Your Storage With Individual Hooks

Instead of going with a single hook rack for key rings, dog leashes, coats, sweaters, umbrellas, and anything else you can hang on it, create a custom storage system with individual hooks. Choose a larger hook for your backpack, tote, and purse. Go with a discreetly sized umbrella stand and other individual hooks of different sizes placed in such a way that everything has a place, and there’s room for you to grab anything you want without moving anything else first.

Pay Attention to How You Use Your Entryway

As you set up your condo’s entryway, pay attention to how you use it. If you always find yourself walking back and forth from one thing to another a few times before you get out of the entryway and into your living room, it might be time to do some rearranging. Remember, you want this space to be convenient so that you can easily stay organized, never lose your keys again (at least not at home), and make it easy to shed the troubles of the day so you can relax at home.

If you find that your setup isn’t easy or convenient, you need a new one. You shouldn’t find yourself walking to one side of the door to take your shoes off (and then remembering that you have your keys in your hand) and walking to the other to put them in the dish, then crossing back over to hang your coat, only to realize you still have your mail in your other hand. Everything should leave your hands (and feet) naturally, and there should be an easy, natural space for everything.

Follow these tips, and you’ll have no trouble creating a perfectly organized entryway for your condo that really works for you.