5 Ways to Relax for National Relaxation Day

5 Ways to Relax for National Relaxation Day

There is no doubt that work and life can be stressful. You have plenty of tasks to get done from work to friends or family commitments, housework and day-to-day errands. It’s easy to resort to some less-than-healthy coping behaviors, like overeating and drinking too much vino, which will leave you feeling worse. Today is National Relaxation Day, so you have a great excuse to relax and take it easy. We put together for you some healthy ways to relax and rejuvenate.

Make time to exercise. Don’t skip working out or your yoga classes. Exercising relaxes your mind and gives you more energy to tackle that long To-Do list.

Schedule a NO WORK talk night with your partner. One night a week, take a break and banned work talk for the evening. Concentrate on each other, either have a date night or enjoy a relaxing night at home.

Make massages a weekly ritual. Invest in a membership at a spa and get weekly massages. Another option is giving each other massages. Purchase scented oils, put on some relaxing music and take turns giving and receiving back, foot, even hand massages.

Go out with your friends. Even though you’re busy, you shouldn’t skip your girl’s night out. Let your friends know ahead of time that “work talk” is not allowed. Just have fun dancing or gossiping with your friends like you always have. Time away with friends is crucial to keeping your sanity.

Keep a gratitude journal. Every night write three things you’re grateful for in your journal. It will help you appreciate your life as it is and forget about what’s going wrong with work. Whenever you feel stress, look back to it when you need a little burst of cheer.

Even if you don’t have time for exercise or weekly massages, it’s easier to relax knowing that something as small as writing what you’re thankful for or a chat with a friend can help make your stressful day a lot better quick.