Buildings We Love: 212 5th Avenue (NYC)


Buildings We Love: 212 5th Avenue (NYC)If you’ve spent any time around Madison Square in New York, you know that the area has a really great atmosphere and that the architecture is just gorgeous. It’s classic Manhattan, and you just can’t top that. Now one of the most beautiful and eye-catching buildings on the block, 212 5th Avenue, has been approved to be converted into 48 ultra-luxurious condos.

Additional Space and a Gorgeous New Façade

Not only is this beautiful and historic building being converted into residences in one of Manhattan’s hottest neighborhoods, but it’s also getting a full facelift, too. The latest renderings for 212 5th Avenue include some of the most amazing details such as oak floors in the units with chevron patterns, gold marble details and steam showers. Plus, they’re planning on adding several stories to the building, all of which will be beautifully detailed in bronze, and the designers are adding an enormous and ornate clock on the south-facing wall of the building, too.

New Amenities for Residents to Enjoy

In addition to their spacious two-bedroom, 1,500-square-foot units, residents are going to fall in love with the 64-seat bar and restaurant in the new addition. Restaurant Nikola is going to look like something straight out of a steampunk movie or book, with its exposed glass, bronze, and concrete and its curved staircase leading to an upper level where diners can get one of the best views in all of Manhattan. We absolutely adore the proposed neo-gothic architecture of this rooftop restaurant, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll serve, too.

Of course, the top of the building isn’t its only feature. It’s also going to offer ground floor shopping, with spaces for upscale retail spaces. The developers are also considering another eatery in honor of the classic Delmonico’s restaurant that was once in business there.

Landmarks Preservation Commission Approves the Design

We were really wondering for a while there whether or not the traditionally conservative Landmarks Preservation Commission would approve the proposed changes to the building. After all, the addition is huge, and the façade changes are definitely noticeable. It looks like someone on the commission has a sense of style, though, because they’ve approved the designs, and we can expect to see 212 5th Avenue get finalized plans and designs really soon.

So, how much will it cost to buy a condo in this incredible building? If you want to enjoy nothing more than an elevator ride to get home after a night at Restaurant Nikola, you’ll be looking at just under four million dollars for one of the 1500-square-foot units. Or you could get a 4,155-square-foot, four-bedroom unit for just over $16 million.

All in all, 212 5th Avenue looks like it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous, and even if we can’t afford to live there, we’ll definitely love looking at it, popping in for some shopping, or grabbing a drink and taking in the view at Restaurant Nikola.