BuildNRate Broker Program Openings: Why You Should Join

BuildNRate Broker Program Openings: Why You Should Join

What is BuildNRate?

BNR is a cutting-edge real estate review site, plus a social media hub for existing and prospective tenants and residents of multi-family units in the largest cities worldwide. BNR is designed with the intention of providing dependable, real-time information to current and potential residents who want to find out about relevant topics such as the building superintendent, pets, family-friendliness, and other people in the complex. BuildNRate also provides consumers with information on building sales and rentals as well as ways to connect with the neighbors.

What BNR Offers Our Users

The BuildNRate website provides urban residents with a focused interface in which to not only do research on the buildings they either live in, or are interested in, but also to rate these multi-family residences based on a variety of factors. Every building entry includes a description of the property, the address, the building history, a list of amenities, a map of the location, and user ratings. In addition, the website contains real estate listings, a lifestyle blog, a vendor directory, and a GPS-powered search that allows neighbors to connect with each other, as well as chat, and messaging functions and much more.

What is the BNR Broker Program?

The Broker Program is an exclusive program we have developed in conjunction with brokerages across the globe in order to provide our users with top of the line, expert real estate assistance to help them rent and buy their homes.

As a BuildNRate Broker Program member, you will benefit from the following perks:

  • Exclusive rights to all local BNR leads for your city and the surrounding areas. We limit our partnership to one broker per area.
  • Business growth potential by leveraging our platform to provide your agents with leads.
  • The ability to attract better, more experienced agents by providing leads obtained through the program.
  • Access to our innovative agent lead tracking software, which gives you the ability to monitor your leads and agents.
  • Ground-floor participation in the first social website designed for apartment building ratings.
  • Additional exposure for your business through the use of your logo and contact information on all of our contact forms.

Requirements for brokers to join the BuildNRate Broker Program:

  • You must have minimum of five licensed real estate agents operating under your umbrella.
  • You must agree to provide BNR with a referral fee for every closed deal.
  • You must have closed at least ten rentals and/or sales on behalf of your clients within the past year.
  • You must maintain an active account with MLS.
  • You must utilize the BuildNRate agent lead tracker tool for all leads.
  • You must adhere to the contract agreement with BNR with regards to follow-up on leads.

Why Should You Join’s Broker Program?

BNR is an innovative niche website that fills a gap in the real estate review market. By providing our users with a comprehensive suite of services, including social connection channels, we have the ability to attract a large segment of the urban real estate consumer market.

By getting in on the ground floor in this cutting-edge ratings site, you as a broker can leverage our authority as an urban real estate information hub to attract clients and expand your real estate business. Our lead tracking software makes organizing and monitoring your team and their leads simple and accurate. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to join a revolutionary movement in the real estate industry. Become a BuildNRate broker today.