How to Prepare Your Home for Out of Town Guests, The Easy Way

How to Prepare Your Home for Out of Town Guests, The Easy Way

You love having your friends and family from out of town come to visit you. When they stay with you, you get to play tour guide, and you have a great excuse to go see the sights around where you live. Unfortunately, though, getting ready to host out of town guests can be really stressful. You worry about every little detail, but then because you’re stressed, you put off things like making up the guest room, cleaning the living room, and going to the grocery store until the very last minute. And then it’s really stressful.

Well take a deep breath and try to relax because we’ve put together an easy checklist to help you prepare your home for the next time you have out of town guests staying with you. With this, you’ll have a handy reference, and you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

The Guest Bedroom

  • The Bed – In addition to fresh linens, go ahead and put a couple of extra pillows and an extra blanket on the bed, too. This way your guests can comfortably sit up and read or watch TV as they settle in for the night. And, if it’s a bit chilly they’ll be snug and warm, too.
  • The Closet – It’s tempting to use your guest room closet as free storage space, but resist the urge. Clean out the closet enough so that your guests can hang their clothes and put their suitcases away where they won’t trip over them all the time throughout their stay.
  • Bedside Lighting – Put a lamp on a nightstand by the bed so that your guests can easily turn out the light when they’re ready to go to sleep without getting out of bed to go hit the light switch. If you have a couple staying with you, you might want to invest in two nightstands with a lamp for each.

The Bathroom

Give the bathroom a good cleaning before your guests arrive. Make sure to scrub the tub and toilet and to make sure that your sink and tub are both draining well. Then make sure you’ve taken care of just a few details:

  • Bathroom Linens – Wash and set out enough towels and washcloths that all of your guests will have their own bathroom linens.
  • Toilet Paper – Make sure you’ve put out a fresh roll of toilet paper and that extras are easily accessible, as well.
  • Extra Toiletries – Pick up some extra razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Your guests will, of course, bring their own, but it’s nice to have them in case someone forgets something.

The Kitchen

In addition to cleaning the kitchen and making it look presentable, you also want to make sure that it’s well stocked with foods that your guests will like. Ask them before they arrive if they have any food allergies or preferences, and then grab a few of their favorites for snacks and meals while they stay with you. Feeding people delicious foods that they love will always make them feel warm and welcome.

If you have to go to work, or your guests will be getting up before you, make sure that you leave some clean coffee mugs out and that it’s easy to find everything they need to make some coffee or tea and to grab a bite to eat before they go about their day.

The Living Room

The living room is probably the easiest room to prepare for guests. Just pick up any stray clutter, vacuum or sweep the floor, and make sure that the TV remote is out and accessible. And, with this final detail, you’ll be ready to greet your guests.

Use this checklist whenever you have guests on the way to visit you, and you won’t forget a thing! Enjoy!