How to Spot a Celebrity in NYC

How to Spot a Celebrity in NYC

When they’re not on set, on location, or at the beach in California, a lot of actors, musicians, and other celebrities spend a lot of time in the city that never sleeps. If you live in New York, there’s a good chance that you could run into one of your favorite celebrities almost any day of the week, but you might never actually see them if you don’t know where to look. So how can you spot a celebrity in NYC? Follow a few helpful hints.

Catch Up With Taylor Swift in Tribeca

T-Swift may not have been born and raised in New York, but she’s definitely gone native since she arrived and made the city her home. She isn’t the biggest partier in the world, though, so don’t look for her at the club. Instead, if you’re in Tribeca, keep your eyes open when shopping at Whole Foods, having dinner at The Spotted Pig, or grabbing a cup of coffee at The Smile To-Go. She’s also a regular gym-goer at ModelFit on Bowery, where you can get your sweat on with the queen of shaking it off.

Get a Bite and a Sighting at Nobu

Also in the Tribeca area, if you’re in the mood for sushi and potentially grabbing a glimpse of one or more celebrities, stop in at Nobu. This restaurant is a long-time favorite of stars like Madonna, Cameron Diaz, and Justin Timberlake, among others.

Party With A-Listers at Sutra Lounge

If you’re looking for a spot to go out, have a few drinks, enjoy some great music, and see some celebrities, Sutra Lounge in the East Village is the place to be. Drea de Matteo and Rosario Dawson, among others, have been known to lounge with a cocktail or two here.

Get Healthy With Beyoncé at Blossom

If you’ve been dying to see Queen Bey in person, you might want to get lunch or dinner on the lighter side at Blossom in Chelsea. Plus, even if you don’t catch a glimpse of the Queen of the Beyhive, you’ll get a delicious and nutritious vegan meal designed by Beyoncé’s favorite chef, Marco Borges.

Get Sweaty and Flexy With Lady Gaga

Want to get to know the most New York star of them all? Well, you might not become BFFs, but you’ll definitely get sweaty and more flexible at Bikram Yoga Lower East Side. Gaga takes classes here at least five times a week, so there’s a really good chance that you could end up doing hot yoga with her at least once or twice if you start attending. Just try to keep your poker face on and focus on class instead of your celebrity crush!

Go Thrifting With Chloë Sevigny!

If you’re a fan of discount duds, and you can’t get enough of Chloë Sevigny’s indie chic style, you might want to take a trip over to Vintage Thrift in Gramercy. Even if you don’t see the eclectic actress, you’ll definitely find some cool new (old clothes).

Whether you’re a hard partier, a fashionista, a fitness enthusiast, or you just like good food, exploring New York is a great way to run into all kinds of celebrities. You can catch a glimpse, meet, talk to, or just snap a picture of some of your favorite celebs as they do their grocery shopping, work out, or head out for a night on the town. Keep your eyes open at these and other hot spots around town, and you’ll start collecting your celebrity sightings before you know it.