How to Throw a Dinner Party With Limited Space

How to Throw a Dinner Party With Limited Space

If you’re like a lot of New Yorkers, you probably don’t have a ton of extra space in your apartment. You’ve learned how to maximize the space you have to live comfortably, but you might think that you’re limited to having only one or two friends over at a time if everyone wants room to breathe.

Believe it or not, though, you really don’t need a huge space to throw a fun dinner party.

Use a few of these tricks, and you’ll find that you might have more room for guests than you thought.

Don’t Be Scared of Rearranging the Furniture

Normally, your furniture is arranged so that you, your spouse, and your roommate can live comfortably in your space. If you’re throwing a dinner party, you’re going to want to rethink that arrangement:

  • Move the couch against the wall and bring the dinner table out into the middle of the living room.
  • Get rid of the idea of a dinner table altogether and throw a picnic-style dinner party.
  • Lay a blanket out on the floor and arrange cushions, pillows, ottomans, and other seating around. That way you’ll have a lot more places for people to sit comfortably.

If you ditch the table, though, make sure that everyone has a convenient flat surface to place their glasses and dishes. Side tables, coffee tables, and trays work really well for this.

Make Fun Labels for Glasses

In a small space, it can be really easy to mix up glasses or for guests to end up needing multiple glasses when they lose their first ones.

To avoid this, have glasses set out when your guests arrive with fun labels that they can customize. Making label “flags” by gluing or taping colored paper to stirrers is a good way to do this. Then just put a marker or two out by the labels and encourage guests to claim their glasses.

You’ll find that your apartment gets a lot less cluttered, and you’ll have fewer dishes to do when everyone leaves.

Set the Table Before Your Guests Arrive

You can have a buffet-style dinner party, or you can serve your guests at the table. Either way, make sure that table settings are done before your guests arrive. That way, if your dinner table usually seats eight, you can squeeze in two more for a party of ten, and no one will complain.

If you leave people to their own devices when getting seated, though, you’ll likely end up with some guests taking up too much room while others are left standing with their plates.

Be Selective With Your Guest List

Throwing a dinner party in a small space isn’t just about tips and tricks to maximize space, though. It’s also about putting together the right group of people.

If you have friends you know won’t get along with your brother or sister, you might want to opt to invite your family this time and your friends next time.

It’s one thing to put people who won’t mix well together at a large party – at a small dinner party at your home; they won’t be able to get away from each other, and the whole situation can get really awkward fast.

Cut Yourself Some Slack and Have Fun

Finally, remember that you’re throwing a party and that it should be fun. If it’s not fun, why throw it in the first place? So, even if things aren’t perfect, give yourself a break and let it slide. Your guests will do the same, and everyone will have a great time.

So, do you still think that you don’t have enough space for a dinner party at your apartment? Try out a few of these tips and see for yourself!