Little Known Ways to Find the Best Apartments for Rent in Queens

Little Known Ways to Find the Best Apartments for Rent in Queens

Living in New York is definitely a challenge. Don’t get us wrong – we love it here, and we would never leave. It’s more than worth it, but it’s still a challenge, and one of the biggest obstacles is finding really great apartments for rent in Queens. Fortunately, you really don’t have to pay $5000 a month for 300 square feet (we promise). You just have to follow a few simple steps and keep calm as you look for the best place to live on your budget.

Get All of Your Information Together

First of all, before you even start looking, you should gather a few pieces of personal information that you’ll need to provide with your rental application, including:

  • Your last two pay stubs
  • Tax returns for the past two years
  • Your last three bank statements
  • Your driver’s license or passport

Landlords in New York don’t joke around about their rental applications and background checks. With property in mega-high demand here, you can bet that your potential landlord is going to require all of these and that they’ll follow up on your references before they consider you as a tenant in any apartments for rent in Queens.

Start Looking at Least a Month Before You Need to Move

It doesn’t really pay to start looking six months before you need to be out of your current place, but you should give yourself at least a month to find a good apartment. You can get a head start by broadcasting on Facebook that you’re looking for a place, and see if you know anyone who wants to rent their condo or who has a lead on an apartment. Don’t worry if this doesn’t pan out, since you still have plenty of time to find an apartment.

Get a Rental Broker

In most cities, you can find an apartment on your own without much hassle, but in New York, the best way to find an apartment at a decent rate is to enlist the aid of a rental broker. You can expect to pay them a fee when they find you an apartment, in addition to your other moving costs, but in New York it’s really worth it. Brokers have contacts with landlords, property management companies, and people selling their condos. If you’re short on time, they can usually find you the best apartments for rent in Queens.

If you have a flexible move-out date, you might be able to get away with finding a place on your own without a broker, but it’s going to involve some searching and doing your homework on the neighborhoods and buildings you’ll be looking at. If you have a full-time job or you have a hard-set move-out date, we definitely recommend going with a broker to make your life easier.

And now you know how to find the best apartments for rent in Queens. With a little work and some professional help, you can get reasonable rent in a neighborhood that you’ll love. Good luck!