Neighborhoods We Love: Astoria (NYC)

Neighborhoods We Love: Astoria (NYC)

If you’re looking for a diverse neighborhood with a lot of history and some of the best places to eat in all of New York, look no further than Astoria, Queens. Traditionally an Italian and Greek neighborhood, Astoria is now home to people from Egypt, Colombia, Bangladesh, Brazil, and Eastern Europe. As a result, we’ve seen the restaurant scene in Astoria explode with flavor and delightful choices.

International Dining Experiences

Astoria residents have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, with an incredible selection of Greek and Italian restaurants, as well as some others that might surprise you. For example, one of the best-rated restaurants in the neighborhood is Arharn Thai. The name of the restaurant is actually Thai for “food”, and the chef specializes in simple but insanely delicious dishes, including chicken-coconut soup, soft-shell crab dishes, and a mouthwatering duck salad with a ginger lime dressing.

At Elias Corner, a traditional Greek taverna that specializes in grilled fish dishes, you can taste some of the best desserts in New York City, including loukoumades – a traditional Greek dessert made of sweet dough fritters that are drizzled with honey.

Astoria Nightlife

Want to go out and enjoy a couple of quality beers on a budget? Check out Astoria BrewHouse. You can enjoy a sunny afternoon and spread out a bit on the patio, or you can take a date and enjoy the intimate lounge area upstairs. If you’re looking for an excellent gastropub, you’ll want to drop in for a drink and a bite at Sweet Afton. The industrial design has a really cool feel, and patrons love the craft beers and signature cocktails that go with beautifully with the very satisfying and sumptuous menu selections.

Shopping in Astoria

While it isn’t as well known for its fashion boutiques as some other neighborhoods in New York, Astoria is home to Brass Owl, a gorgeous shop with a lot of vintage flair. Shoppers will find tons of great buys from some of the most popular designers around, including Steve Madden, Chinese Laundry, and Dolce Vita.

Looking for some new (and old) treasures to help decorate your apartment? Check out The Furniture Market and Built It Green! NYC. Or, if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift or something to help you smell delightful throughout the day, stop in at The Little Soap Shop.

We love Astoria for its diversity in all things. The people you meet here are friendly and eclectic, and you can’t beat the cornucopia of wonderful foods from around the world, all available in beautifully designed, comfortable, and atmospheric restaurants around the neighborhood. And, of course, the shopping is not to be missed, either.

If you’re looking for a neighborhood that’s an easy train ride from work and play in Manhattan, you’ll love Astoria. It has a small-town feel in the middle of the Big Apple, and there’s always something going on. Check it out and see if you’ll love Astoria as much as we do!