The Top 15 Cities Where Apartments Rule [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Top 15 Cities Where Apartments Rule [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apartment living is hugely popular in a lot of areas. Rent is cheaper than living in single-family homes, and apartment buildings fit more easily into the busiest and most fun cities to live in. If you want to be in the center of it all, you’re going to love living in an apartment in one of these 15 cities where apartments really do rule!

The Top 15 Cities Where Apartments Rule [INFOGRAPHIC]

New York

With one of the best public transit systems in the country and something to do every night of the week, people love living in apartments in New York so that they can be close to all the action and culture that their city has to offer.

Los Angeles

Thousands of hopeful young actors and actresses move to Los Angeles every year looking for their big break. Whether they make it or not, they enjoy the sunny, warm weather and the exciting city life that they get when they live in apartments in Los Angeles.


Thanks to its abundance of apartments, the Windy City has a lot of public green space. When you live in an apartment here, you can enjoy running along the lake or hanging out in the park anytime you want. Who needs a lawn and all the maintenance that comes with it when you have all that?


A booming metropolis, Dallas has been attracting more and more Fortune 500 companies and other businesses over the past few years. With all of those companies, more young professionals are moving to Dallas than ever before, and the apartment living scene here is really vibrant!


Houston’s population is growing, too, and the apartments here are incredibly luxurious, especially when you consider their reasonable rental rates. Looking for a pool and a gorgeous courtyard? Houston apartments are where it’s at!


The City of Brotherly Love has a lot going on in the arts and culture departments. With apartments located near all of the hottest nightlife and within easy commutes of commercial and industrial areas for work, it’s no wonder so many people are enjoying apartment life in Philadelphia.

Washington, DC

Our nation’s capital is known for its high property values, but it’s also known for having a great public transit system and for being incredibly bicycle-friendly. A lot of people moving to DC for work are choosing apartments in the city because they’re close to work, have reasonable rental rates, and provide easy access to public transit and bicycle routes.


Miami is hot, hot, hot! The nightlife is like no other city in the world, and people who live here love being at the center of it all. With so many apartments in all sizes and levels of luxury, residents of the Sunshine State are drawn to apartments in Miami.


With the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta is a growing city with a lot going for it. Locals will also tell you it has some of the worst traffic in the world. That’s why they love living inside the city in apartments with great rental rates where they can get wherever they want to be quickly without dealing with heavy traffic.


Another great city for public transit, Boston has a wide variety of historic neighborhoods to choose from, each of which has its own styles of apartments. Living in an apartment in Boston means being able to get to a train station and get to work or anywhere you want to be in just a few minutes.

San Francisco

While real estate prices are notoriously high in San Francisco, you can still find reasonable rates on apartment rentals in this beautiful city. Here, residents enjoy being just a stone’s throw from Market Street, the Mission District, Haight-Ashbury, and all kinds of other destinations, all accessible thanks to apartment living.


Downtown Phoenix is gorgeous. When it comes to arts, culture, theater, and nightlife, it has all that you could ask for and then some, and it has a lot of really great apartment buildings, too. If you want to live in the heart of Phoenix, you can find a great apartment that will fit your budget.

Riverside, CA

Just down the 15 from downtown Los Angeles, Riverside, CA is a gorgeous city in the Inland Empire. Here, residents enjoy high-quality apartment living with amazing weather all year round, and they’re just an easy drive away from the beach, too!


Downtown Detroit is the perfect place to enjoy apartment living in Michigan. The city center is compact, and the people are friendly. Living in an apartment here feels like living in a small town in the middle of a big city.


Seattle is among the fastest growing major cities in America. This is a direct result of the city’s vibrant culture, low unemployment rates and booming tech scene. It’s the perfect city for nature lovers who want to also live in a large city.

Perks include delicious coffee, historic areas and neighborhoods, you can get around a lot of places by walking, no state income tax and luxury apartments are going up seemingly overnight. While renting is often better than buying in the Seattle area, it isn’t necessarily cheap. But, you can still find reasonable apartment rentals in a decent neighborhood.

So those are the top 15 cities for apartment living in the US. What do you think?