Top Five Places to Find New York’s Best Cheesecake on National Cheesecake Day

Top Five Places to Find New York's Best Cheesecake on National Cheesecake Day

Saturday, July 30th is National Cheesecake Day and what better city to celebrate than New York, the city that’s known for its cheesecake! Before we share our top cheesecake eateries around The Big Apple, let’s discuss how this delectable and delicious concoction came to be.

From the Greek to the English, everyone claims to have invented the cheesecake. And although there is some truth to both of those claims, the modern American cream cheese was invented accidentally by William Lawrence from Chester New York. Not sure what was going on in his kitchen, but we are all very grateful for that mistake!

To commemorate this “oops” moment, National Cheesecake Day is now a thing! Hallelujah! Drizzled, baked, flavored, or whatever way you like it, New York has plenty of ways to celebrate. Without further introduction, grab an Uber and let your taste buds be the test on which of these cheesecake hotspots are the best.

1. Petee’s Pie Company (Website | Map)

Named “The Absolute Best Pie in New York” by NYMAG, Petee’s Pie Company offers a plethora of pies made from scratch using grass fed butter and organic, local flour. If you go, you have to try the classic New York cheesecake which ditches the graham cracker crumbs and incorporates hints of orange zest and real vanilla.

2. Two Little Red Hens (Website | Map)

The Upper East Side has it’s own little cheesecake heaven called Two Little Red Hens Bakery. This warm and chill bakery/cafe is known for its two custom cheesecakes including the classic New York cheesecake, eaten plain or topped with a traditional sour cherry topping, and our favorite, the pumpkin cheesecake.

3. Martha’s Country Bakery (Website | Map)

Sometimes, just one slice is all you need. Martha’s Country Bakery has 3 New York locations each just as good as the original. Try the Queens location where each day everything is baked fresh from scratch and the options are endless! The worst part about visiting Martha’s is trying to decide which of the ten flavors of cheesecake to try.

4. Junior’s (Website | Map)

Take a step back in time by checking out Junior’s in Brooklyn. This local gem and landmark has been famous since 1950 and holds the title for having the “World’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake.” Plus, for National Cheesecake Day, Juniors is putting all of their famous cakes on sale.

5. Marta (Website | Map)

Last, but certainly not least, is a little Madison Square secret called Marta’s, located at The Redbury New York Hotel. It’s a popping relatively new Italian restaurant by Chef Nick Anderer. The secret? Cannoli Cheesecake with pistachio cream. Yes. You heard that correctly! For $14, you can get a slice of heaven.

These are our favorite picks, but the entire city will be celebrating National Cheesecake Day. So what are you waiting for? Head out and grab some of the city’s most exquisite deals. Oh, and if your favorite didn’t make our list, let us know in the comments!