What Everybody Ought to Know About Hidden Fees of Apartments for Rent in NYC

What Everybody Ought to Know About Hidden Fees of Apartments for Rent in NYC

When it comes to searching for the best apartments for rent in NYC, a lot of people learn the hard way that the base rental rate is usually not all they’ll be paying. In fact, there are quite a few hidden fees that you’ll find associated with almost any apartment in the city. While these fees are basically a fact of life if you’re going to be moving to and living in New York, if you know what they are from the start, you can have a much easier time finding a place that’s actually within your price range, even with its fees.

Pet Deposit and Monthly Fees

In addition to a pet deposit, a lot of buildings charge a monthly fee for your pets. Amounts vary a great deal, depending on the property and location, and they can even vary depending on what kind of pet you have. For example, most places will charge a higher monthly fee for a larger breed of dog than a cat or a smaller dog because it’s more likely to do more damage.

Laundry Costs

Some apartments for rent in NYC will have in-unit washers and dryers, so you won’t have to worry about the cost of doing laundry (other than budgeting for detergent and fabric softener). However, a lot of buildings don’t provide these amenities. Instead, they’ll have an on-site paid laundry, or you’ll have to go somewhere else to do your laundry.

If you have washer and dryer connections in your apartment, you can buy or rent machines to do your laundry at home, but you’ll have to factor in this cost, as well. Or you’ll have to figure out how much it will cost you to pay to do your laundry every week.


Are you moving farther away from work and your usual social haunts, or will you be closer? Remember, the length of your commute will have an effect on how much it costs you to get to and from work, whether you take the train, call a car or drive. If you find apartments for rent in NYC within walking distance of everything you want to do on a regular basis, you’ll save a lot of money on your transportation costs every month, which could justify a slightly higher rental rate.


Older buildings are notoriously less energy efficient than newer ones. So, while you might love the charm of an older property, and it might even have lower rental rates, consider how much more you’re going to be paying for utilities every month. Are you going to go broke trying not to freeze this winter?

Getting Connected

Another thing to consider when looking into the hidden costs of apartments for rent in NYC is the cost of connecting Internet and cable. Some places include the cost of Internet in their rental rates, and with the chance to avoid the “joys” of dealing with certain Internet service providers, you might want to go with an apartment that has a slightly higher rental rate but includes this service.

Gym Membership

If you’re accustomed to having a fitness room and workout equipment in your current building, you might want to consider this as you go on the hunt for your next apartment. Gym memberships can be expensive, and one can easily offset the savings you get when you opt for an apartment building that doesn’t have a fitness center.

Of course, you could also look into apartments for rent in NYC near places where you can run or ride your bike to get some cardio. And you can invest in a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell to do some strength building workouts in your apartment, as well. So you don’t necessarily have to spend the extra cash on a place with a fitness center, but if you want to save some money, you’ll also want to consider this.

These are some of the most common hidden costs associated with apartments for rent in NYC. Keep them in mind as you start your search, and you’ll have a much easier time finding the best apartment for your needs.