Why I’m Grateful I Live in the City: 7 People Give Thanks


We often focus on what we don’t have, rather than what we do have. Taking for granted the things that deserve our gratitude the most. It’s important to take time to remember what brings us joy and to be thankful. A great place to start is with the city that you called home. I personally appreciated the politeness that comes from living in a small city, the amazing places to eat and the gorgeous leafy trees that surround my city. That’s just me, though. Here are what other city dwellers love about their cities and why they are grateful to live in them.

“I’m grateful to live in San Diego because there’s something for everyone here. You can lie on the beach, hike through a canyon, ski down a mountain – all within county limits. And I defy anyone to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean and feel like there’s not a greater plan at work.” -Annie Greenberg, writer, digital marketer and founder of The Jewskimo.

“New York is a wonderful place to live for so many reasons, but my favorite one is the diversity! Not only in culture but in clothes, food, activities etc.. There is something to do for everyone.” Nadia Murdock, fitness coach, writer, author and media expert.

“I’m grateful to live in New Orleans because it’s such a vibrant city full of (free!) music, great food and inspiration around every corner. I’ve never felt more inspired as an artist than I do in New Orleans.” -Chanel Ward, freelance writer and style blogger at Hip Candy.

“I like living in Columbia, SC because the weather is nice, the city appreciates the arts and people genuinely care about each other.” -Ebony Looney, makeover specialist, speaker, trainer, blogger and founder of Make Me Over, Eb.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be born, raise and live in New York City. This city has given me a family, a faith community and a network of friends that give me the strength to make it through even the toughest times.” -Fred T. Jackson, Marketing Specialist

“I am grateful to be able to have so many different resources at my fingertips in New York. I can walk out of my door and have access to almost anything I might need. You don’t find that outside of a big city.” -Samantha Rattner, Costume Designer, Quantico.

“Living in New York City continues to strengthen my faith, and nourish my hope and for that I am grateful. As I step out the door, onto the subway, surrounded by music in my headphones, I’m allowed to enter this space in my head, where I think constructively and creatively. I’m able to see my dreams clearly. A space where I’m inspired, and inside this space I begin to put into perspective a plan to make my dreams a reality. The hustle and bustle of the big city, help foster these feeling, because it’s not only a place for dreamers, but a place for doers!” -Ryan Henderson, Feature Film Costumer, Magnificent 7

Why are you grateful to live in your city? Share in the comments.